C3 Air Intake Complete Snowbike Kit

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The C3 Air Intake Complete Snowbike Kit is a must have for snowbikers. The stock foam filter has a tendency to ice up from snow and cold temperatures causing air restrictions, power loss, and can leave you stranded. The C3 Air Intake Complete Snowbike Kit will eliminate these issues and allow you to ride longer, harder faster and enjoy your snowbike experience. All intake adapters are made specifically for the machine make install easier, safer, and more secure. You will also notice better performance, especially coupled with a PR2 Snowbike Tuned ECU or the C3 Snowbike Tuned ECU. The C3 Air Intake Complete Snowbike Kit is highly recommended by us at Coopers Online as one of the first upgrades for beginner snowbikers and the more advanced riders. Also see our Outerwear Prefilters for replacement prefilters.

Below are some specifications and tips for install:

  • This intake system mounts right up where your stock airbox was, with a laser cut aluminum pod, mounts for your PCV system and air temperature sensor, all necessary mounting hardware, and a custom dual-layer Outerwear Prefilters, made in the USA by “Outerwear”
  • Please note that on some bikes, modifications to (and possible cutting of) the airbox is needed to ensure optimal snow evacuation and fit (including most newer KTMs (but not Huskys) and older Japanese bikes). We recommend buying a spare set of "jobber" airbox plastics (typically adds like $40 to your build) if you want to keep your OEM ones pristine for summer.
  • If you have a bike which calls for a CAIN1017 (check the selectors above) but do NOT wish to connect the PCV breather tube to the intake, you can choose the CAIN1024 (Kawasaki) option instead (fitment is the same but without the breather barb)

C3 Intake Installation Instuctions Yamaha

C3 Intake Installation Instructions Honda