C3 Force field Shield Expanders

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Snow and wind are cold, and twigs and branches can hurt.... So add another layer of defense to the already class-leading force field  with the Shield Expanders!

  • Constructed from high-quality fabric and foam, like "wind muffs" but without the hassle and safety concern of complicating getting your hands in and out
  • Stiff enough to hold its structure and protect from the elements, flexible enough to bend instead of breaking on impacts
  • Perfect fit
 Handguards Recommended for:
FORCEFIELD Anybody on two wheels (or one track and one ski!) who doesn't want their levers or fingers smashed - trails, enduro, cross-country, snowbike, etc
FORCEFIELD + Shield Expanders Aggressive off-road riding on tight singletrack where you know twigs and branches are out to get you, snowbikers who prefer a minimalist look