ROX SPEED FX Handlebar Pivoting Riser

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ROX SPEED FX Handlebar Pivoting Riser
Pivoting Snowmobile Bar Risers can make riding your snowmobile much more comfortable. This product not only raises your handlebar but also features dual rotation points providing fore and aft adjustment. This insures proper handlebar position for your position and style of riding. Correctly placed handlebars also eliminate back strain, increasing your enjoyment and endurance.
  • Adjustable Dual rotation points makes Rox Risers selectively adjustable forward and back, allowing you to fit your snowmobile handlebars to your preferred riding position.
  • Universal: With their two pieces design, Rox Pivoting Risers will install on virtually any snowmobile that has clamps to hold the handlebars, making them incredibly universal.
  • Engineered: Tested for maximum strength and durability. 6061 T6 aluminum