Rmc "Snowbike IN-A-BOX"

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Rmc Snowbike 

People always ask what do we recommend. Well heres a way to build your snowbike right. We have a list of products we have used many times on bikes to ensure you get a great package. This kit is available for most modern 4 stroke EFI bikes. Kit is simple to install and makes switching from summer to winter simple as many of these items integrate with each other. 

Base Kit includes

C3 Thermostat (colour of your choice)

Trail Tech Temp Gauge 

C3 Intake

C3 Force-Field Hand Guard Kit (colour of your choice)

C3 Mid Bar Riser (colour of your choice)

C3 Heated Handlebars (colour of your choice)

Emig Lock On Grips

C3 Pegs (colour of your choice)

RMC Shifter

PST Engine Jacket

P3 Carbon Pipe Guard

Obie Snow Guard Skid Plate

Air Pro Kit

Seat Concepts Complete Snow Seat

Tusk Fork Neoprene



Add C3 Snowbike ECU 

Add Fmf Rct 4.1 Slip on Muffler