C3 Motorsport Boost & Charge Cables

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Finally - jumper cables for all your toys, done right!

A must-have for powersports and recreation! Snowbike, snowmobile, motorcycle, ATV, UTV... Great usability and an important just-in-case addition to your backcountry safety gear.

Heavy gauge wire and high capacity (200A) components to easily and effectively jump-start directly from most common booster packs or other machine's batteries. No need to wait for trickle charge.

Added connector for simple install and flexibility for chaining lights or other components.

The Battery Harness section simply attaches to your (and the rest of your riding crew!) machine's battery and you can tuck the ends somewhere convenient and out of the way. Connect it and forget it, until when you or a fellow rider needs a boost - plug the end into your Booster pack, or get out the 1 meter long Jumper Cable section and connect your machines together. And just like that, you're good to go!