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Designed for small-engine motorcycles, MICHELIN Pilot Street tires are perfect for everyday use in the city.

Why choose the MICHELIN Pilot Street?

Ideal Grip / Wear Balance

Tailored tread depths and new tread compounds give MICHELIN Pilot Street tires the perfect balance between grip and wear. Their grooves are angled towards the shoulders to cut through water and ensure a good grip on wet surfaces.

Long-Lasting and Durable

Their extra-long lifespan is an important quality for everyday use: they're 35% longer lasting than MICHELIN Pilot Sporty tires*.

 * According to internal study carried out 2012

Sporty Design

Their design is inspired directly by our Sport Touring Radial tires and their tread pattern is adapted from MICHELIN Pilot Road 2 tires. Discover the true joy of day-to-day riding with handling that comes into its own in and out of town.