Maxxis Razr2

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The Maxxis Razr2 takes the championship winning design of the Razr and adds a more durability and deeper treads, which result in a championship winning tire for loose terrains. Having the deeper lugs allows the Razr to have great traction under acceleration and stopping in loose desert or muddy conditions. With the upgraded 6 ply construction, the Maxxis Raxr2 is a great choice for Coopers Online customers looking for a little more from the already great Razr.


Below is a chart from Maxxis for further Details:


Position Size Ply Rating Overall Diameter (in) Section Width (in) Rim Size (in) Max PSI Tread Depth (in)
Rim Size (in) 9

Rear AT20X11-9 6 20.4 11 9X9.0 7 20/32

Rear AT22X11-9 6 22.4 11 9X9.0 7 20/32