Maxxis Razr

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The Maxxis Razr tire is one of the most popular Sport ATV tire in the world, which has been proven with multiple national championships wins. Having a wide profile design and knobs that cover the entire tread surface gives the Razr superior traction under acceleration and braking. A specially design race-proven design and tread design ensures great tread wear, puncture resistance and grip on a wide range of racing surfaces. Wether racing on hard pack, a cross country series or just riding your local track, the Maxxis Razr is one of the top choices for Cooper's Online customers' looking to gain an edge over the competition.


Below is a specification chart from Maxxis for further details:



Position Size Ply Rating Overall Diameter (in) Section Width (in) Rim Size (in) Max PSI Tread Depth (in)
Rim Size (in) 9
TM00483100 Rear AT22X11-9 6 22.2 11.1 9X9.0 7 15/32
TM07200000 Rear AT20X11-9 4 20 11.1 9X9.0 5 15/32
TM07201000 Rear AT20X11-9 6 20.4 10.9 9X9.0 7 15/32