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The all-terrain Maxxis Carnivore is one of the few 8-PLY rated tires on the market. The 8-ply rating, as well as a design based around Maxxis' desert truck tires makes the Maxxis Carnivore one of the best choices for traction in the harshest terrains. To overcome these conditions, Maxxis has also designed the Carnivore's tread pattern to provide improved wear properties. So whether it be roots, rocks or anything else you may find in your off-road adventures, the Carnivore is a common choice for Cooper's customers looking for a high end tire.


Below is a Maxxis Specification chart for further details:


Part Number Position Size Ply Rating Overall Diameter (in) Section Width (in) Tire Pressure/Load (psi/lbs) Rim Size (in) Tread Depth (in)
Rim Size (in) 14

Front, Rear 30X10.00R14 8 30.5 9.7 550 14X7.0 28/32

Front, Rear 28X10.00R14 8 28.7 9.4 480 14X7.0 28/32

Front, Rear 32X10.00R14 8 32 10 615 14X7.0 28/32
Rim Size (in) 15

Front, Rear 29X9.50R15 8 29.7 9.4 495 15X7.0 28/32

Front, Rear 32X10.00R15 8 32.3 10.3 617 15X7.0 28/32