C3 LED Lighting

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We have worked hard to find the highest quality lighting with the most useful, brightest light patterns for the best price in the industry and all with a 2 year warranty.

  • The Dual 10W is super bright for its size and is the best all-around choice for compact size with powerful light output and broad usable pattern. 20W total consumption
  • If you do lots of night riding and want the ULTIMATE light that does it all then the Side Shooter is for you. This light gives the amazing distance of a focused pod light and has 4 additional LED chips that cover everything in front of you with a 170 degree solid spread. 40W total consumption - not great for 2-strokes or weak stators, and be careful which wires you put that load on
  • Our single row 4" Quad 5W lightbar has been the industry standard if you like the bigger look. Comparable illumination to the Dual 10W - effective lit area is less "deep" but slightly wider. 20W total consumption
  • The Scene light gives a broad 120 degree ball of light which is awesome in the trees when paired with a helmet light. 10W total consumption

All lights are built with industry-recognized Cree LED chips to demanding quality standards including the highest possible IP69K waterproof tests, with a 50,000 hour typical lifetime. The standard mount bracket is a single central 8mm bolt.

We are selling these lights with our custom snowbike/dirtbike mount bracket available. It's lightweight, sturdy, and versatile, with multiple mounting options including the awesome "low and back" option which puts the light somewhere less vulnerable to impacts and a panel to mount a switch or your Trail Tech Temp Gauge 

FAQ - Will the "low and back" mounting work with my bike? A - Since the light then becomes lower than the bars themselves, there won't be enough room to utilize this configuration unless you are running about 1" of bar risers. For instance with C3 Bar Risers, the Mid height will get you where you need to be, but depending on the bike, you may still need to modify your front number plate slightly. With Tall risers it's smooth sailing for sure.

Some knowledge of wiring required for setup.