C3 Stealth Fender Storage Bag

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Backcountry safety is important, but you don't want your backpack any fuller than it needs to be... The Stealth under-fender storage bag is your answer!

Held securely in the empty space under your fender without stressing the fender thanks to the formed aluminum frame, it's the perfect size for extra gloves, spare belt, emergency snacks, tow strap, and whatever else you need.

  • Tough, water resistant materials
  • High quality taped zippers, easy access
  • Storage pocket roughly 17" x 6 " x 3" (~5 L)
  • Buckle release for fast removal
  • Fits great with most full-sized motocross bikes with standard fenders
  • For snowbike use only as the front wheel would hit the bag with suspension bottom-out