DGRP Rollable Ramp

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Full aluminum construction!
Superglide wideglides!
5” ball bearing caster wheels!
No mounting!
Works for any full size truck box!

4' X 9' 10"

This unique and ingenious ramp is extremely easy to use and will have your sled loaded in the back of your pick-up in a matter of seconds without the need of any assistance whatsoever.

Simply drive your snowmobile onto the ramp then pick up the back of the ramp and push the ramp into the back of the truck bed.

The ramp sits on 6-inch caster wheel rollers which allows you to easily slide the ramp forward whether the ramp is loaded or empty.

This is a high-grade aluminum ramp and is easily maneuverable thanks to its super-glide, super-pro2 sliders.

The DGRP Rollable Easy-Load Ramp is made to accommodate your ATV as well.