Cyclops Penetrator Led 630 Light Kit

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The light used by the pros in the Snowbike industry, If you have seen the Photos and video of Reagan Sieg, Brock Hoyer and Keith Curtis dropping from cornices or shredding the pow this is the light on their bikes.

  A powerful and extremely Durable LED Dirt Bike or ATV/Snowmobile headlight system that won't break the bank! Overall cost is not just the price of admission, take into consideration performance and longevity, as well as ease of installation. No one compares to Cyclops!
 The Penetrator 630 Series LED Headlight absolutely blows the competition away in performance, reliability, cost and ease of use. When you need reliable high performance lighting, the Penetrator will deliver. This is a complete plug and play kit with Penetrator LED light bar, riser mount and handle bar mounted on/off switch. Perfect for your snowbike! 

Clears Motocross number plates and enduro or race light assemblies. Can also be used with stock headlight. Mount on a dirt bike, ATV or snowmobile for a blinding light that moves with the handle bars. On snowbikes allows the use of the Timbersled bag or a fuel container. Tail Light kits available.
The 630 is a combo beam pattern with 2X 25 degree beams at each end of the light bar and 4X 10 degree beams in the center. Great distance and good field of view.
- Made from 6061 Aluminum
- IP 68 Rated
- Polycarbonate Lens
- DC powered / From the Bike/Sled/ATV or Our Battery Packs
- High Performance Cree XPG Emitters
- Integrated PWM Dimming Circuitry
- Electronically Thermal Managed
- 90% Optically Pure
- Driven at 90%
- 30 watt Draw
- 3000 Lumens
- Lifetime Warranty for Light Only
Don't be fooled by cheap imitations. Cree does not make lights. Available Cree emitters are far from equal. If a vendor is offering a light saying it is a Cree light, something is very wrong. Choose Cyclops for genuine reliability and performance when it counts.