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Motorcycle Tires Edmonton

The MICHELIN tire for all types of cruisers, offering more longevity without compromising stability and handling.

Why choose MICHELIN Commander II?

Proven Longevity

The benchmark in longevity – commissioned third-party tests to show that the MICHELIN® Commander® II rear tire lasts almost twice as long as its main competitors.*

 *Commissioned third-party tests conducted in 2011 on public roads comparing MICHELIN Commander II tires, Metzeler ME880, and Dunlop D407/D408 tires in sizes 130/80B17 and 180/65B16. Individual results may

No Compromise on Stability
and Maneuverability

Thanks to its high-density and therefore stiffer frame (MICHELIN Amplified Density Technology), MICHELIN Commander II features premium handling and responsiveness. The top layers in rear tires are made of aramid fibers, which combine resistance and a lightweight feel for perfect stability, even at high speeds.

Excellent Grip on Wet Surfaces

A brand new longitudinal tread provides outstanding water evacuation, and thus excellent grip on wet surfaces.

Innovative Look

A radically different design for an explosive look. A "premium" sidewall finish gives your motorcycle an immaculate appearance.