C3 Vortex Snowbike ECU*****

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UPDATE NOV 2021 ( Due to shortages and Delays on the Actual ECU body Any Orders Placed for this item will ship as soon as the item becomes available ) 

Sorry for any inconvenience

Snowbike Parts

In our quest for the best, we identified an opportunity to partner our passion to deliver the ultimate snowbike experience with the dyno and engine management expertise of PLX Sport in Quebec to create a superior truly snowbike-specific ECU!

The biggest key that makes this the no-brainer best choice for YOUR bike is that every map is tuned and optimized for a C3 INTAKE (AIR is a pretty big factor in that whole air-fuel thing! We've done it right) - along of course with the weight of the track compared to a rear wheel and subzero temperatures and high altitudes.

This gives a ton of very noticeable benefits for power and reliability:

  • HORSEPOWER - Final dyno tests are ongoing and we'll post the actual results here for you when we're done - no BS! Early tests indicate multi-horsepower gains across the whole curve when the tuning is optimized for C3 intake's air delivery characteristics.
  • Balance air-fuel ratios at all temperatures and altitudes - no more overfuelling, improved efficiency, reliability, and performance
  • Start your engine easier from cold on any pump gas

Update: Most options are available! A couple things to note:

  • Some bikes we haven't had a chance to program yet, but we decided to still offer them in the meantime with the standard Vortex map. We know it is still definitely an upgrade over stock
  • Some options are out of stock still
  • Engine-control mapping is very sensitive and bike-specific, so if your model is not listed here, we don't have it available, sorry.

Expect more info soon including full Dyno reports with engine performance mod recommendations and the whole shebang!