C3 Bar Risers

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Do you snowbike? Rise your bars - night and day difference for handling and comfort! Higher bars help you get your weight further back, and put you in a reactive stance for aggressive riding in varying terrain.

We wanted some killer, full billet options for our bikes, so that's exactly what we designed.

  • Sturdy and lightweight - better than spacers
  • Maintain the flex/rigid balance of your stock mounts
  • 0.2" horizontal offset allows flexibility with reach distance
  • Tall option is one of the tallest risers on the market
  • Includes custom tool for installation
Size Rise Taller than stock (approximate - it depends what brand of bike)  Recommended for:
Lo 1.5" 0" Dirt riding - average or shorter riders who are wanting to run C3 Handguards with 1 1/8" bars
Mid 2.75" 1.25"

Dirt riding - Tall riders, or average riders looking for a more relaxed seating position

Snowbiking - Shorter riders

Tall 4" 2.5" Snowbiking - Average or taller riders

Check out our complete the package with the best way to mount handguards! Note that unless you have a current-gen KTM, it may actually be required to use our top cap mounts since your bike's existing caps may not be compatible with our 38mm bolt hole spacing.

Compatible with 1 1/8" "fatbar" handlebars - this means stock bars might not work with some bikes, including many Honda and Kawasaki.