C3 Backcountry Footpegs

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Check it out - these are purpose-engineered to be the best snowbike pegs, and definitely the ones you're going to want to have on your ride!

  • Oversized - platform is ~ 4" x 2.25", aiding comfort and control even with bulky snow boots
  • Massive pocket, custom tooth profile, and angled surfaces throughout - there is zero place on these where snow/ice/mud could build up and hamper your grip, even if you tried
  • Billet aircraft aluminum - the most optimal blend of strength and lightness available, anodized in custom colours
  • Fit kit and hardware included - just the way it should be. And yes, never struggle with that cotter pin again, you're welcome :)

Why are there two options for Yamahas? Please choose the FX/WRF option if your bike's left-hand side footpeg bracket has the attachment for a kickstand.