C3 Backcountry Footpegs

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C3 Backcountry footpegs help eliminate the chance of snow build up on the footpegs which can cause loss of traction and injuries. The patented design helps remove snow and maintain traction for your boots. The wider foot area also promotes more control of the bike versus trying to maneuver your machine using just the small stock "toothpick" pegs that can be  both painful and a challenge in snowy conditions. Having easy installation, high quality materials (Billet Aircraft Aluminum), and being the best purpose-built snowbike footpeg on the market make it the most popular foot peg for Coopers Motorsports Customers.

    NOTE: Why are there two options for Yamahas? Please choose the FX/WRF option if your bike's left-hand side footpeg bracket has the attachment for a kickstand.