Air Ride Fork Stiffeners

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  With the AirRide snowbike fork kit, you can run a much stiffer fork with a small amount of air pressure added to the fork leg (many street bikes use this same system) through the schrader valve in our fittings! You can keep your same fork springs and save thousands $$ from rebuilding the forks for different rates in winter and summer.  

  Simply replace the air bleeder screw on the top of each fork with the AirRide fitting, and pump in 5 to 15 psi to each one, however much you need to stop from bottoming out and riding higher in the stroke of the suspension.  Keep a compact hand air pump and gauge in your tool kit to adjust settings throughout the day and find your sweet spot!

  Won't I blow my fork seals?  No, remember that every time you bottom out your front suspension, you are already building much higher pressure in the air chamber of the fork leg and it maintains a seal.  The seals are designed to resist much higher pressure than that, so a few extra pounds here won't create a leak.  Consider the much larger cruiser style motorcycles that use the same amount of pressure and bottoming out under heavy braking with no seal leaks.

Doesn't each fork have to be exactly even air pressure?  No, a psi or two difference won't have any noticeable effect.  Today's low pressure air gauges are accurate enough to get it within a pound and you're good to go.  The fork oil level in each fork is never exactly perfect either, and no one notices that, plus our system does not use a complicated set of of hoses and fittings that can all leak and leave you with zero pressure on the mountain.