509 Velo Raid Boot

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The 509 Velo Raid Boot is designed for cold/wet weather conditions make this boot the ideal choice for snowbike riding, snowmobiling or any other winter activities that require durability and quality. The minimal "bulk" design, reinforced protection in key areas (raised design for added shin protection) and superior stability (carbon blend sole) riders demand in there boots make the Velo Raid Boot ideal for the hardcore riders of today. The patented 5TECH™ lining to prevent moisture from outside the boot getting in, as well as its patented 200 3M™ Thinsulate helps prevent cold feet after long hours of riding.


Below are further specifications from 509 on the Velo Raid Boot:

  • Fits half size smaller due to secondary liner installed inside the boot, beneath primary liner (liners are removable)
  • 3 Buckle boot construction
  • 5TECH™ water proof bladder construction
  • Lining secured with 200 grams of Thinsulate™ insulation for a warmer construction
  • Mountain lug sole, carbon content optimized for maximum durability
  • Shin guards
  • Shifter pads to increase durability
  • Premium performance lasting board
  • Premium performance heel cup for ankle support