Camso Dts 129 (2020)

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GET THE TRACK THAT LEADS THE PACK IMPROVED CUTTING-EDGE TRACK DESIGN The DTS 129 track design is ready to take on just about any kind of terrain. We reconfigured the drive lugs making the system one-pound lighter. The 2020 DTS 129 has been engineered to offer all the traction you need to enjoy outstanding snow bike performance, from deep snow boondocking to hard pack trail riding.

ALL-AROUND PERFORMANCE Focusing on its tracks and track systems expertise, Camso provides a unique riding experience. The Camso DTS 129 offers similar kind of dirt bike feeling in the snow; bringing the best of both worlds with deep snow performance and better handling. All-around performance in all kinds of terrains! 

Dirt bike performance, in the snow INDUSTRY’S EXCLUSIVE SINGLE RAIL SUSPENSION Our single rail suspension technology maintains typical dirt bike behaviour. For dirt bikers and snow bikers, this means a whole lot – lean, drift, balance, manoeuvrability – the kind of action that puts thrills and chills into every single corner, trail and snow bank blast-through.

DEDICATED TO OFFER A RESPONSIVE RIDE Our state-of-the-art suspension geometry means a more agile and smoother ride, especially when you make the leap from trail to deep snow.

Shock calibration Bumpstop integration ensures end travel absorption

Limiter strap 3 suspension transfer settings

Rising rate CAM Provides rising rate suspension Soft initial travel and high load capacity at end of travel

Torsion spring preload Effective spring preload adjustability for rider’s weight and riding style

Proven A-arm length and shock mount location Our system offers a more upright shock action for a better transfer and a softer feel

Thin outside runners and aluminum ski pivot Thinner material for more aggressive ski behaviour

LESS SKI IMPACT, MORE THRILLS FRONT SKI This unique ski design gives you stable and predictable handling. Enjoy smooth side-to-side transitions with the angle side keel featuring a replaceable blade. Save your front forks from high-impact with Camso’s polymer ski mount.

NEW BRAKING SYSTEM Our pre-bled brake system is now 33% more powerful, and it comes from the factory with a 11 mm master cylinder calibrated for snow bike application, giving a progressive and smooth brake feel. Reduced installation time without bleeding needed.

Aluminum brake shield enclosing brake system The new aluminum shield offers more rigidity and resistance to track impact, in addition to offering a better fit around the caliper.