Gear Up this Winter with a Premium Snowbike Air Intake Upgrade!

snowbike intakeFor motorized snow-sport enthusiasts, heavy snows and back country winterscapes are an invitation to transform their dirtbike into a prime, snow adventure machine. Snow bikes being more sleek, lightweight and agile than snowmobiles are becoming a popular alternative for carving your path in the backcountry. The single ski and tread option is great for all ages. No matter your size, maneuvering a snow bike is much easier than navigating bulkier, heavy snowmobiles and can allow you to explore steeper and more densely treed areas for an amazing winter ride.

Whether you are an experienced snow bike rider or considering converting your dirt bike to an all-season option for the first time, an air intake and thermostat upgrade is essential to consider. Your factory bike components were designed for hot and dry conditions, not cold, wet slopes. We at Coopers are big fans of transforming a dirt bike to a snow conquering carving machine - but we also believe in optimizing performance, fuel consumption and protecting your engine. A small investment in air intake upgrades can have big payo‰s for endless winter fun that won’t leave you out in the cold.

One of our favorite products to recommend for those looking to maximize their snow bike performance - along with an absolutely essential quality thermostat - is the C3 Air

 Intake Complete Snowbike Kit. Cold is not a friend to your bike's ability to “breathe” and cold temperatures trigger undesirable rich air-fuel mixtures that can cause havoc with the e ciency of your combustion chamber. The unit also comes with options for a compact, custom breather filter that prevents clogging in the breather tube from snow, ice, dirt and mud and custom optimized air boots for a great bike fit and optimal airflow.

Instead of having frozen particles freezing and impacting fuel and engine performance, the C3 Air Intake Complete Snowbike Kit is a water resistant unit that can keep you riding longer and safer. The lighter your snow bike the better your ride, so it is also helpful that this unit is light weight and not adding excessive pounds as you navigate deep snow. If you really want to slay the slopes and maximize peak performance, adding the C3 Vortex Snowbike ECU will take your snow bike to a whole new level of awesome.

Our sta‰ at Coopers are passionate about helping our customers customize the snowbike of their dreams and are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to recommending the right combination of upgrades and essentials for any budget and adventure level.

So gear up this season and check out our collection of upgrades options, essential parts, and snow bike riding wear to keep you and your snow bike moving this winter.