3 Reasons for BBQ Enthusiasts to get Fired Up about the PK360

pk360 grill edmonton There is nothing quite like charcoal grilling to impart incredible flavour to your meals.  But are all charcoal grills created equal? PK Grills took their original BBQ and smoker design to something out of this world with the next gen PK360.  So, if you are ready to take your BBQing to new altitudes, here are three reasons why the PK360 might just be the means to take you there.

REASON #1: First-class Performance and Functionality

The PK360 does the job but also does it really well.  Uneven heat distribution can turn a mouth watering steak into a disappointment but the PK Grill’s thick cast aluminum construction is superior in heat conduction.  Hey, if it's good enough for aerospace engineering, the PK360 BBQ can certainly take the heat.  The space age, cast aluminium design results in evenly cooked food every time.   As a bonus, the PK360 cools down efficiently, often saving your fuel.  Any remaining coals can be relit and reused.

 The grill grid and charcoal grate are both constructed of marine-grade stainless steel for a quality cooking experience.  The hinged design of the grill grid allows you to lift or remove the sides of the grid for refueling.  This handy feature of the PK360 allows you to add your preferred wood and charcoal fuel effortlessly during your cook.

 Practical considerations for food prep, cooking and clean up are all at your fingertips with the PK360 model.  The durable, heat resistant side shelves come with an accessory bar to hang your favourite BBQ tools.  Their wide design leaves plenty of space on both sides of the unit so you can keep raw and cooked foods separated.  The shelves are easy to wipe down and are even removable when not in use. 

 The PK360 is also made with easy clean up in mind. The chamber is designed to control ash during cooking.  When you are ready to clean your grill, simply remove the plug and covers and sweep out through the opening.  Utility hooks at the rear of the unit can hold your ash bucket for this purpose with the added benefit of storing other accessories too.  If your grill needs a deeper clean, the capsule can be easily removed and rinsed with a hose.

REASON #2: Built to Last

Most people don’t consider their BBQ purchase as something to pass on to the next generation, but with the PK360 that is not unlikely.  Fragile is not in this charcoal grill’s vocabulary.  Not only is the cast aluminum construction excellent for cooking, it is durable, rust proof and scratch resistant. 

So if you're one of those who find themselves still BBQing rain or shine, this grill has the grit to handle the weather - and your brisket - with ease. The PK360 is going to keep its value and its appearance for the long haul making it one of the most durable charcoal options on the market.

pk360 grill specsREASON #3:  Remarkably Versatile

The PK360 adapts to a wide range of grilling and cooking options.  PK’s unique 4-point vent air intake and exhaust system allows for endless combinations of hot sizzling or slow burn.  From Burgers, veggie kabobs, pork shoulder and everything in between, this grill has you covered.  Customize your direct and indirect heat to sear on one side and roast on the other. 

pk360 grill edmontonThe vent system gives you precise control to keep temperatures at Goldilocks-level perfection. The PK360 is also equipped with a Tel-tru thermometer accurate to +/- 1% so you can cook with confidence.  The PK360 is designed to cook with the lid closed and flame ups are easily managed by simply closing the capsule.  But if you want to convert to a flat top style grill, the lid is easily removable as well.

The PK360 provides 360 square inches of cooking surface meaning yes, there is enough room to throw another one (or two) on the barbie.  There’s also enough head room in the 5374 cubic shell to handle Thanksgiving dinner too.

pk360 grill edmontonPortability is no problem and no tools are required to painlessly transform your PK360 into a portable grill for your next off road or camping adventure.   An easy twist of a knob separates the capsule from the pedestal base.  Remove the shelves to reveal the side handles and the lightweight construction allows you to grab and go! Remember those utility hooks at the back? They also double down as stabilizers so you can set up your PK360 anywhere without worry about your grill tipping. 

The PK360 comes with either silver or black colour options and a host of accessories to suit every BBQ connoisseur's tastes and preferences. The practicality, longevity and adaptability of the PK360 grill and smoker does not disappoint.